WinterBrook Farms

Farm Produce

Chicken Eggs

Our chickens are raised on organic, soy-free grain and are allowed to free-range from a young age. We raise Australorps, Rhode Island Reds, Golden laced Wyandottes, Dominiques, and Red Caps.

Organic, fresh eggs last much longer than store-bought eggs and usable up to 2 and half months after being laid. 

Our hens are separated from the mature roosters so their eggs are not fertilized. 


$3.50/per dozen if you provide a carton to trade

$4.00/per dozen without a carton

Duck Eggs 

We raise giant pekin ducks. Their eggs are white and are quite often much larger than chicken eggs, and will always match if not be double the size of a chicken egg. 

Our ducks are fed organic, soy-free feed and are allowed to free range throughout the day.  

Duck eggs are great for baking, especially for making desserts. They are also great for people who are allergic to chicken eggs, because in many cases, they are able to eat duck eggs without any problem. 


$5.00/per half dozen plus $1 deposit for carton as special cartons are needed for size of eggs. 

The egg on the far left is a chicken egg, the two eggs on the right are duck eggs.