As we posted on our Facebook page at the end of our 2021 season, we are sincerely grateful for all your support in 2021 and over the last 22 years!
Now, we would like to announce that the 2021 season was the last official festival season for Winterbrook Farms.

It was a very heart-wrenching decision to sell the farms, however, it was in the best interest of our young family. Farming is a lot of hard-work; especially on a young family. We are incredibly sad to be leaving Maryland, however, our family is looking forward to some much needed rest and quality-time spent together.

For most of my childhood, the fall festival season was a part of my life. I have so many fond memories from over the years. My parents were one of the first corn mazes in the area with a design my father cut with a skid loader while my mom rode on top telling him where to go.
After my father’s passing, Brandon and I bought the farms from my dad’s estate to keep them going. We’ve had a lot of struggles over the years trying to keep the farms afloat. After years of juggling a full-time, off the farm job to help sustain the farm, we’ve decided we just can’t keep working so much. We have two beautiful small children that we don’t spend near enough time with. While we love the farms, we love our kids more.

So, we are really sad to share this news with y’all, we hope you’ll understand that it was a hard decision for us, but ultimately best for our family.

Thank you for all the years of support and the kind words. They meant more than y’all know, especially this year as we knew it was our last.

We are excited to share our passion of farming with our new community in Texas!
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Thanks y'all.